My configuration for Nowhere computing environment
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[BSPWM] Nowhere

Below are the programs I use for my Nowhere configuration. Enjoy!

Launcher: Rofi with drun script
Bar: Polybar with custom weather script
Terminal: Alacritty
Editors: Doom Emacs and Neovim
Browser: Qutebrowser and Firefox Developer (Firefox as fallback)
File Manager: Ranger lf (terminal) and Thunar (graphical)
PDF Viewer: Zathura w/ MuPDF support

Core Services:

   yay -S bspwm emacs neovim sxhkd polybar rofi dunst lf thunderbird qbittorrent firefox-developer-edition qutebrowser signal-desktop gajim telegram-desktop thunar lxappearance blueberry bluez bluez-utils pass nitrogen arandr redshift obs-studio alacritty zsh gimp mpv libreoffice zathura zathura-pdf-mupdf yt-dlp fzf docker docker-compose xclip betterlockscreen rofi-pass playerctl cronie cmake github-cli tumbler breeze-snow-cursor-theme neovim-everforest-git paper-icon-theme thefuck zsh-theme-powerlevel10k python-adblock picom-jonaburg-git udiskie yarn trash-cli gotop rofi-emoji tmux magic-wormhole onionshare aspell-en termdown scrot brillo texlive-full ripgrep ueberzug ghostscript ffmpeg graphicsmagick 


   yay -S ttf-sourcecodepro-nerd ttf-weather-icons ttf-sarasa-gothic ttf-font-awesome ttf-material-design-icons montserrat-ttf otf-powerline-symbols-git neovim-airline vim-airline-themes noto-fonts-emoji